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Revised Curriculum Change Forms

Please note the revised Curriculum Change Form for CAA proposals, as well as the New Program Proposal form. These forms have been revised or created due in part to the new CPE requirements for New Program proposals and EKU’s new General Education program.

Following this new format, there are four options for Curriculum Proposal forms:

Curriculum Change Form (revised March 2012)
Used for the following:

                New Course
                Course Revision
                Hybrid Course
                Program Suspension
                Program Revision

Curriculum Course Drop Form
This is a streamlined form that requires the minimum amount of information when dropping one or multiple courses.

New Program or Major Program Modification Form
This form is the required format for New Program proposals as outlined by the CPE. New Program proposals will first go to the Office of the Executive Assistant to the Provost for the CPE preview process. This should take place before you receive the proposals you assemble for CAA.

Curriculum Editorial Form
Only to be used if a precise date can be provided for previous action taken by the CAA.  Example: If a program revision came through CAA to remove a course on 12/16/10, but we did not remove the course due to oversight or error, this can be corrected by editorial form with the 12/16/10 date included on the form.

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